instagram story wont upload

If you’re an Instagram user, you’re probably familiar with the Instagram Stories feature. Many users get creative with Instagram Stories, uploading a variety of videos, stickers, and other content to the platform. But what do you do when the content you’re trying to upload won’t seem to work?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the possible reasons why your Instagram story won’t upload and how to troubleshoot the issue. Whether you’re a seasoned Instagram user or new to the platform, this post will help you out. We’ll provide some tips and tricks to get your Instagram story up and running in no time. So fear not – if you’re having issues trying to upload your Instagram story, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app

If you are having problems uploading your story to Instagram, make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. It is important to keep the app up to date to ensure the best possible performance when using the app, as older versions are likely to be slower and more prone to errors. To update the app, open the app store on your device and check for any updates. If there is an update available, follow the prompts to download and install the most recent version. Once the update is complete, try uploading your story again.

2. Check your internet connection

The second step in fixing the issue of your Instagram story not uploading is to check your internet connection. Make sure that you are on a stable and fast connection. If you are on a public or shared Wi-Fi, try connecting to a different network.

If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, this could be the cause of the issue. Additionally, make sure that your computer or mobile device is not connecting to any VPNs. This can also cause connection issues.

instagram story wont upload

3. Try restarting your phone

If your Instagram story won’t upload, the first thing to try is restarting your phone. This is a simple fix that can work to resolve many basic issues. To restart, press and hold down the power button on your device and select “Restart.” Once your phone has restarted, try uploading your story again. If it still won’t upload, try the next steps.

4. Make sure the story file is within the allowed size limits

If you’re having trouble uploading your Instagram story, one of the first things to check is that your story file is within the allowed size limits. Instagram stories can only be up to 15 seconds long and files must be under 4GB in size.

If your story file is too large or too long, you won’t be able to upload it. You can check the size of your file by right-clicking on it and selecting “Properties” in Windows or “Get Info” on a Mac. If you find that your file is too large, consider reducing the resolution of the images or videos in the story to make them smaller.

5. Try uploading the story in a different file format

If your Instagram story still won’t upload after trying the other tips, try uploading the story in a different file format. Instagram stories must be uploaded in either .jpg, .png, or .mp4 file formats. If you’re having trouble with a .jpg or .png file, try uploading it as a .mp4. Similarly, if you’re having trouble uploading a .mp4, try uploading it as a .jpg or .png. Additionally, try reducing the file size of the photo or video by resizing it in an editing program.


In conclusion, it can be frustrating when Instagram stories won’t upload. However, with a few simple steps, it’s usually easy to address the issue. Check your internet connection, update the app, try restarting your device, or make sure you have enough storage space.

If none of these steps work, it may help to contact Instagram support. With the right troubleshooting, you should be able to get your stories uploaded and start sharing them with friends and followers.

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